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Exclusive Whiskey Decanters and Whiskey Glasses

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Mouth-blown artwork from the Golden Moose

To create the perfect experience, enjoyable aromas are not enough. The smells, sounds, visual impressions and how the glass feels all contribute significantly to the experience. When we select and design our products, we take all the details into account because we know they matter. All aspects are well thought-out. The weight of the glasses, the thickness of the glass, the volume and air density of the decanter, the robustness of the decanter stand.

That’s why the beverage emits such a clear, clinking sound when you pour the decanter, that’s why the glass sounds a robust tune when you put it on the table and that’s why the decanter feels so optimally balanced in your hand when you pour.

In each bottle of whiskey, someone has invested hours, days, weeks, months and years. The skills and knowledge required to produce the beverage have been passed on from generation to generation. It’s a craft in its most noble form. With our products, we want to honour this legacy.

Whiskey accessories Bar accessories


with love

All our carafes and glasses are handmade and made with love. This is because your glasses or carafes should feel special to serve and drink from.


When our products are packed, we carefully attend to every detail that is added to the package. This is so that your shipment will reach you safely.

Right to return & extended warranty

We always offer a 30-day right to return and a 1-year warranty on our products. Our ambition is for you to feel safe when you shop from us at Golden Moose.

Exclusive whiskey carafes

Our exclusive whiskey carafes are excellent for serving everything from a good, blended whiskey, a single malt whiskey, bourbon, rum, cognac or wine from. We have created our carafes so they will provide an exclusive feel when you present the carafe and when serving.

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Exclusive whiskey glasses

All our whiskey glasses are tumbler models with plenty of room for ice if you want to drink your whiskey on the rocks. The whiskey glasses are also easy to grip and feel good to hold.

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